"Often Imitated Never Duplicated!"

What's Up Diamonds & Gents miss you much darlings!  Well, any who, the Radio show, New Vlogs on Gem Spot TV should be back up and running soon.  But, Until then GOTTA FILL YOU IN ON THE CRAZY STUFF. 

Chile, they trying to observe Beyonce to see if her belly is real.  LOL stick a fork in me I'm done.  Are you serious?  Go get a hobby.  I just want to know who really cares.  You don't have to take care of it.  So why do you care.  Let everyone tell it, its the seed of satan.  Now, not my words.  Just most you tubers.But, Beyonce hasn't denied it either just saying.  Any who, I was trying to wait it out.  But, it is official Stacy Dash is divorced and no longer on Single Ladies.  Now, Lisa Raye this the second sitcom you have been on and one of the leading ladies have left.  What is really going on boo?  Not saying it's your fault but I'm Just Saying.

Now reality TV, LOL.  #BasketballWivesLA .  I have been watching and all I can say y'all some hating little Chucho's.  Draya came in getting bashed.  Because, y'all were insecure.  Now, somehow y'all have found an police report and blog about this girl so now she has been kick out the pack.  Look like there is about to be a pair.  Just saying Malaysia got her back.  Not enough to do two different circles.  Jackie is a doo-doo starter.  I calls it like I see it.  That's why Tracy is not apart of there group.  And Imani you are a trip calling someone worthless. 

Any who, Bad Girls Club.  What can I say Judi you got that butt hand to you on a fat lip platter.  Bet you won't be throwing nothing else anytime soon LMBO ROTFL.  Priscilla you went home like a true solider my hat goes off to ya boo, boo.  Natasia you are fake but, I'm glad you know.  Tiara they mess with you and poor babies pee-pee on the wrong tree.  Chiyenne you gone get it.  All and all like this season. 

La La full Court is OK. 

Braxton Family Values will be watching again. Coming This November WE TV. Tamar do your own project.  Just get you a new manager.  Your husband to focus on Toni Braxton career.  Just Saying!

GO BEARS, GOOOO! The game on hate to leave you babies but that's all that was interesting so far to me.  See you in Nov. On Gem Spot TV.  Oh yeah and on air( BABY! Much Love Darlings!!!!


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