Think Like A Man (Movie Review)

#1 Movie in the country last weekend.  Awesome Go Stevie, Go Stevie! 

Chile, Let me tell you.  I absolutely loved this film.  I thought I wouldn't.  But, oh yes  it was funny.  First. Kevin Hart little sawed off self had me rolling.  Honey, he was bitter as they come.  Well, of course he played a man going through a divorce.  Not far from is true life.  So he was able to sell it.  Terence J was a mama's boy.  And my mother favorite actress Jennifer Lewis played he mama you know that woman can act.  But, every time I see her I wanna say from her Different World day's you are on my List.  White Boy Mike hilarious self played a happily married man.  Again not far fetch from his real life.  I host of celebs.  You don't want to miss it.  It was worth it the laugh and to watch.  All yeah the women got there men in the end.  Taraji Played the mess out of the C.O.O. girlfriend can be Jody girl,  Brad Pitt mama she can act.   Go girl!  All and All I give the movie 4 1/2 gems.  For humor and repping us in a positive light.  Love it! 

Please don't for get to check out the radio show this Sat. 1:30p ct.  On Diamonds go check out the movie.  Gents go check out the movie.  Much Love Darling!!!

@Courtesy of Screen Gems.  Not property of Ms. Tra.


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