Aunt Bam's Place (PLAY REVIEW)

I'm telling you Cassi Davis is my girl.  I absolutely love her.  From her cameo on Living Single.  To all the Tyler Perry movies and especially the House of Payne.  Y'all know Cassi Davis is great actor.  And now she plays Aunt Bam.  In her own play written by Tyler Perry Aunt Bam's Place.  Now, Aunt Bam was first introduce in the play Madea's Big Happy Family the play & movie.

She is a rider.  Y'all know she gotta be to be one of Madea pistol touting, cussing and smoking self friend.  Well Aunt Bam has allow the ex- husband of her niece and his new wife to move into Bam's house.  Now, you know that is strange in it self.  But, the niece is a devil that need Jesus like old folks need soft shoes I ain't lying.  Gloria is a straight drunk honee.  That looks to be a crack addict as well.  I know she giving it to her son.  Well, Don't want to give to much away.  But, honee you don't want to miss.  Stewart the estranged husband got him a young tender.  13 years his junior okay!!!  Well trust me it is something to see.

If I can give it gems from 1 to 5 I would give it 3 1/2 gems. Because Aunt Bam was funny all by herself.  The story line was good.  Well, go to the Redbox, Block Buster rent it or buy it.

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