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Cadillac Kimberly Ask Love & Hip Hop Cast "If There A Transgender Amongs...

Wow!  Honee they ain't playing no games with Jose. aka Joseline. Now, whether she is transgender or not is her business.  But, when in doubt you ask.  And honee did she ask.  Did Mona say she was not hungry?  Pump yo' brakes honee.  Did you really say that one?  And K. Michelle Honee that's why they think you crazy baby.  Becuz of stuff like that.  You start singing Kum ba ya my Lord.  Why you defending a sista that cheated with your friend man?  Just a thought where your loyality at boo.  And Caddy Kim you a beast.  She is Comedian that came out first about Eddie Long.  The king.  Any how, if you listen to comedy you have heard worst then what she just said.  So here you go. 

Diamonds & Gents You don't want to miss the new show.  Living It Up with Ms. Tra` "That Gem"  On  I don't use profanity in my comedy.  But, I listen to Eddie Murphy, Steve Harvey thank God he finally through wit him LOL.  And my Bernie Mac late and great.  So watch me work.  Or should I say listen.  Much Love Darlings!!!!


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Twitter Beef Alert: Tamar goes for Stylist Head

"Listen 2moro. to Living It Up for your chance to win Tickets to 2moro. night show. at 1pm ct."

Diamonds and Gents Tamar is really feeling some kind of way about her stylist DiAndre.  Well, apparently she has taken to Twitter to deal with him instead of squashing face to face.  Now, from what I'm taking from it, this all started because my man got professional when it came to his business.  Well, what are you saying Ms. Tra` "That Gem"?  Glad you ask me that. 

DiAndre got his self a manager and more clients and presented Mrs. Braxton-Herbert with a contract.  For the life of me I can't understand what the problem is?  The man have to eat just like you.  Yes loyalty is everything.  But, family or friends you have to be willing to be professional when
dealing with business.

There also, been a lot of accusations of DiAndre not getting paid.  Well, when him and Tamar met it was on the set of Good Morning America.  Aw…

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