Love and Hip Hop ATL (Review)

Well, honee stop it!  Stevie J is a not fine enough for all this drama MiMi and Jose going through.  And memo to MiMi honee Jose can't get pregnant cause dudes can't ok.  Jose if you so through why you still texting MiMi.  Mi Mi honee I'm need you not to be going to counseling with some fool.  Because that is what Stevie J is a fool. 

Rasheeda baby how you going to go see a manager without letting oh Kirk know.  You know that was going to cause trouble.  Why? Now I'm say this I agree with ya though.  Some couples just can't work together and that business relationship has the potential to mess up your happy home.  Just Saying.  Mr. Kirk how in the world in the ATL you couldn't get ppl to come out to the club.  Explain cause I sho' don't get that one honee bunny.  LOL Rasheeda you mad as ever darling that that monitor wasn't working.  You ready to fire Po' Kirk on the spot LOL.  Now, that's a boss.

K. Michelle you didn't resolve anything.  Now, you should've told her why you was mad because she talk to your producer.  We don't play that.  The rest of that conversation was totally irrelevant.  Straight Up!  Karlie you keep letting K.Michelle talk about your old butt not having anything on google get your brand out there.  All the Benzino relationship is cute.  But, all he bought you was a book and chocolate and yet you introducing dude to family and kissing.  It take smore then that.  Don't be to easy ok boo.

Shay bka Buckie or whatever your reality TV name is.  You dumb as ever.  Momma Dee told you the lit and you didn't even catch it boo.  And Lil Scrappy I'll be glad when this come back and slap you in the face.  Erica going to work to provide for your child.  You went to the hospital miss me with that.  Don't cop out that easy my dude.  Don't make a problem.  Just Saying!  Erica you better listen to yo' mama on that child support subject.  Trust that's wisdom.

It has tone down thx Mona.  Cause honnee that 1st show gave me a head ache.  Straight up!  Do you hear me.  It was just to much to handle and to much going on.  So check your local listings on Vh1.  Show time is on Monday 8/7c. 

Check me out this Friday on Living Up on  At 10pm.  Also, Saturday at 1:30pmcst.  I'll talk to you soon Diamonds and Gents on Gem Spot TV.  Much Love to all My Darlings!!!

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