I'm Not Your SuperWoman!!!

What's up everybody!  I'm late Diamonds and Gents can't really sleep alot good things on mind and lot of bad.  But, However, my love for life and people keep me pushing forward.  I get alot of backlash for just being me you know.  I'm good because I always have.  Never look like everybody always was different and always seen the glass as half full. 

Anyway, I'm writing this to give a voice to the strong woman on the outside.  But, the vulnerable woman within.  That has to keep pushing and keep going.  You know I remember this song in the early 90's called "I'm Not your Superwoman."  She said, I'm not the kind of girl that you can lay down and think that everything OK.  Boy she is only human and then she say OH, oh, oh....oh.   That mean that thang got good to her she had to start oh.... OK.  Well, I am around lot a woman and I notice that we are tough.  Honnee we are go-getter's, we are relentless, we fight for our families, we are lioness we will go get the prey and still rock a pair of 3 1/2 inch stilettos.  We some bad majama's OK.

But, it's that side to us where we realize I'm not your superwoman.  I'm not the kind of girl you know the rest.  So many times people perception of us is the strength that they can't see the lonely times.  The just me and you Lord times.  That's the part I am revealing.  So that to all the woman with S ON YOUR CHEST BABY YOU JUST DON'T HAVE TO BE THAT TOUGH!  Because, if you so super then, why was man created.  It's time for you Diamond to realize it take true Gent to bring out your brilliance.  Yes you were cut.  Yes you may be broken.  But, with understanding there is a softer side to Sears.  Honnee you don't have to keep flying around tough.  Be vulnerable and be the True Diamond.  I'm just saying.  Just because they think you all hard don't mean you have to only show that side.  And Gents when they show that other side please embrace it.  Because after all its something special about you when we choose to allow you to see it.  So to all you Diamonds that are women hear me roar so to speak.  It's time to reveal to yourself and others.  I'M NOT YOUR SUPERWOMAN! 

Because, I am the first to say it is softer side to Ms. Tra' "That Gem"  and I AM DECLARING I'M NOT YOUR SUPERWOMAN!!!!!  You can't say whatever you want and think it won't hurt.  Oh yes it may.  You can't just drag me through the mud to further yourself and think I'm not bruised along the way.  And you can't not except the me that I am and try to change me and say you love me that is a big NO,NO.  I am strong, I am free, I am soft and I am me.  If you can't except that then I'm OK.  Because, guest what I'M NOT YOUR SUPERWOMAN!!!

 Be Blessed DIAMONDS AND Gents.  Check out Living it Up Friday's on www.blogtalkradio.com/mstra-thatgem at 10pm CST.  COMING TO YOU SEPTEMBER 21, 2012.


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