De Pasada Mexican Restaurant (University Village)

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While, walking University Village strip. I ran across De Pasada.  Now Diamonds and Gents y'all know I love Mexican food.  But, this was a family own and operated spot.  When, you walk in the door you have to seat yourself.  So don't be looking to be seated. Because I wasn't sure. The salsa she brought to the table was so good salsa Verde as well. SO GOOD! Home made chips. Not store bought.   After you do that make sure you order Steak.  Carne Asada dinner.  Or tacos or tostada's because you just have to taste it. That steak was so tender aw my Jesus! The food is cooked right in the front or side you LOL. So you seating at the table and literally can look over and see my boy stirring up some stuff. 

Overall, the food was good healthy size portions.   And very inexpensive. The waitress brought your food in a timely matter.  It has wheel chair lift. For my motor chair ppl. So hope you try it out.  If I can give IT 1 to 5 gems I'll give it 3 1/2. 

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