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Have you gotten Caught Cheating, Ditiching work or Whatever using Social MEDIA?

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Well, Diamonds and Gents social media is our source of news information and keeping in contact with one another.  And now it's responsible for people losing jobs, marriages and even going to jail.

When facebook started it was something to do. It was a place where you were asked a question: What's on your mind?  Some of us found out that a lot people we didn't wanna  know what was on there mind JS.   We found out people that we thought were educated was dumb as box rocks.  Well, that's the way life goes. Oh let's not forget relationship status.  Man relationship status tripped up a lot of players.

Now, with Instagram and PinInterest being added.  Oh and my fav Twitter.  People are really getting caught.  Ripping each other to shreds with words and taking incriminating pics that can mess up anything.  Don't believe me IG was
responsible for CoCo getting caught.  Oh and a couple of break-ups I know about.  What's dude name from Black Ink got demoted down to secretary from manager because this fool was suppose to be at work.  Close the shop to go get his tip and lunch on with crazy girl Alex. He posted pic on IG Eating. DUMMY!

Some quick do's and Don't on social media:
1. Stop announcing your every move.  Why? Because, you look desperate for attention.  That's only a green light for robbers to hit your crib JS.
2. Don't connect your relationship unless you are monogamous. Why? Because somebody gonna be mad as Hell JS.  Just say in a relationship.  You leave both happy.
3. Stop canceling plans and calling off work.  Then posting your out town trip or day in the life vid.  Yo' boss(WILL FIRE YO' A) and or person you canceled plans with gonna be mad as hell JS.
4. People please stop cussing out your baby mama, daddies and Ex- spouses on any social media site.  That's only entertainment for nigs.  JS
5. Please for me stop taking pics of your ugly newborns without showing there shoes.  Why? Because how will I say them sho' some cute shoes to give a compliment.  I was raised if ya can't say nothing nice don't say nothing at all JS.

1. Use social media to connect.  A lot of us have out of town people that we miss it makes us feel close.
2. Social media is a great networking tool.  Your customers and or clients can feel connected to you and ask questions.  They may can't always get directly to you to do.

3. Post pics.  A profile with
out pics just seem shady.  Just saying a carton character or your warcraft victory is not a pic of you just a F.Y.I. .

4. Except and follow who you know.  It's dangerous with all these viruses and crazies out here.  If you are not familiar with there work.  Or celeb without a verified account don't do it Willie JS.
Last but not least, do spend all day on social media if connected to your job.  But, if not get yo' no job broke A off facebook, twitter, IG and pinInterest and get a dag um job.

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