31 yr. Old Gets 20 years 4 firing Warning Shot

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Wow Diamonds and Gents I am outraged at this.  Well, 31 year old Marissa Alexander is sitting in jail right now on 3 counts of aggravated assault against her husband for firing a warning shot.  Marissa has been apparently hospitalized after her estranged husband beat her. Now, this is the same man she shot a warning shot for and mind you no one was injured.

Ok so Florida what the hell is going on here.  Y'all deliberated for 12 mins. really and then convicted this woman after all the facts.  Wait then this thang her husband told the defense attorney he put his hands on all 5 of his baby mommies.  Then he lied and said he never said that he feared for his life.  Baby get the full story here: http://www.chocolatecity.cc/2012/09/16/marissa-alexanders-20-years-mandatory-prison-sentence-wheres-the-damn-community-outrage/

What can we do?  As a community this should not be going on PERIOD!

Much Love Darlings!!!


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