Fantasia Knows How to Walk Away

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Diamonds and Gents I love Fantasia @TasiaWord got evicted from her home last week.  Now, I'm saying this because, she sign the home over to the bank and walked away.  You go GIRL!

Let me tell you something don't let nothing stress you.  If you can't afford it or you don't want to afford it.  Don't stress about it.  Walk the hellz away!  I love the woman she has become.  Don't let no one stress you.  Nothing!  Kudos to you boo! I appreciate that you have grown into this beautiful flower.  You have to Lose to Win.

Let me say this Fantasia bigger and better honnee.  Bigger and better.  Trust the Lord got more in store. 

What yall think?  What she did is commendable? Or should have kept it ?

Much Love Darlings!!! 


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