H&M CEO Admits to Models being to skinny

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You read it right Diamonds and Gents.  Recently, CEO Karl-Johan Persson said, "he wants the brand to reflect the diversity of his customer base."  He has stated he wants health to be what they choose.

So all the full figured women and bloggers came after the CEO of  Abercrombie & Fitch, Mike Jefferies he just flat out said he doesn't want big girls in his clothes.  Baby one full figured blogger posed in the companies clothes.  To take a stand. 

But, H&M has even recently hired Beyoncé to stir up the pot.  Also, Jennie Runk a curvier model. 
Good for them health body sizes is always good.  He admitted in times past most models were to skinny.  They of course ask him about the other CEO Mr. Mike Jeffries stand on it all.  Mr. H&M said, I can't speak for him.  Only that health is what they are after.

Now, I agree he should have more curvier and in shape models verses the to skinny and even to big.  If his brand does not reflect plus size then he shouldn't have plus size models.  I've been full figured for 6 years now.  I'm ok with not being able to go everywhere to get my clothes.  WHY? A lot of these so call brands extending to the plus size market and making these little clothes I am finding out they are not so cute.  Furthermore, there are stores and brands that carry plus size clothes.  Ashley Stewart , Torrid, Lane Bryant and department stores like Sears, Carson Pierre Scott, Kohl's and Macy. 

I'm saying, Ashley Stewart don't carry clothes over a size 26 or under a size 12.  You haven't heard about any skinny girls boycotting them.  People everything is not for big girls be OK with that.  Or lose weight get healthy.  Oh yes I'm size 16 saying it.

An oh yes, my weight goes up and down a lot.  Some times I'm a 14 sometimes 16.  That's how it is.  Aw, before somebody say what about Forever 21 well the one in Chicago doesn't carry plus size clothes in there store and I don't like shopping for my clothes on line.  So I don't go in there.  I wear a extra large.  My curves don't play anything less. With exception of Posh Shoppe.

So people leave these CEO's alone.  They reserve the right to keep there vision.  If you want designer clothes for full figured women then create a high in brand yourself.  Only using the best fabrics and creators and all that stuff. 

But, Kudos to you Mr. Persson for showing them women with healthy curves.

What you think? Comment Down below.

Much Love Darlings!!!

Source: TODAY


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