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How to Create a Productive Positive Environment?

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What's going on Diamonds and Gents?  I am just sitting here thinking about what to put on my Vision Board and I realize.  I've only accomplished 3 things that I previously put on there.

So I had to go in my corner and ask myself what is going on?  Why only 3?  Well, I got my answer.  The last couple of months my environment has not been conducive for productivity because, positivity hasn't been around.

Now, I have post notes labels all around my house with different quotes.  I haven't looked at them in a couple of months.  Laughing, because even the one that's on my bathroom mirror and I have to look up and see that one.  I even forgot it was there.  How bad is that right?

Why?  A lot, of times when you go through things in life you forget that even the bad can work out for your good.  So now that I am realizing that.  I have decided to be happy even when I'm sad.  Not to add to my vision until I accomplish 4 more things.  Why 4 more?  Well, 7 is the number of completion.  So if I complete 7 I can add 7 more. 

So the big question is how will I do that?  Read the quotes oh yeah and scriptures every time I pass one and not just read but apply. 

Change my mindset.  Now, I know a lot of times bloggers have to give there opinion and a lot of times that opinion isn't always so positive.  So I've decided to give my opinion and rain out the positivity even if it isn't apparent to the next.

Workout at least 30 mins. 6 times a week.  I went from 6 to 2 times a week.  And Lord have mercy the weight I lost was trying to creep back.  No I'm not trying to be a super model.  Just want these curves to be health ya feel me.

And always find a way to make my business grow.  I figure the more innovative I get the more I can accomplish.  So if I stay challenging the envelope in my own experience of myself then I can accomplish growing my Business.  Like my girl PR Angel say, "I'm not a business woman, I'm a business."

So tell me down below what have you accomplished in your vision for your life.

Much Love Darlings!!!


  1. This is good. I often tell people the only way to gain success is to think positive. Changing your mindset can and do. I love it. Keep them coming.


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