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I was amongst the $175 Mil. U.S. Weekend Opener 4 Iron Man 3 (REVIEW)

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Yes Diamonds and Gents Iron Man 3 was gr8 in my (Tony the Tiger voice).  The special effects, digital effects and plain acting was just awesome.  Well, y'all know it started off with it's same ol' juicy juice goodness.  With Tony Sharks played by Robert Downey Jr. , being his hilarious crazy self.  Of course who is Tony without his Pepper played by Gwyneth Paltrow, honnee let me just say you wore the mess out that sheer dress honnee.

Without, giving to much away Tony is suffering from anxiety attacks.  Due to the Avengers.  My man can't sleep a lick.  So he does what he do best work on some of the best weapons known to man.  But his pass catches up to him.  Oh boy when his pass catches up to him it just not some lover scorn.  But, they always some how have to be a genius.  Well, that's all I'll reveal. 

If I can rate I could rate this movie 1 to 5 gems I'll give it a 4.  For great creativity.  Awesome action and man making collective of open weekenders Internationally  $680 mil.  I know Disney ain't mad at nobody.

Have you seen Iron Man 3 yet? What do you think?

Much Love Darlings!!!


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