Kimye Taking New born Baby Girl On TOUR

"Catch Living It up on Saturday at 1:30pmcst"

Diamonds and Gents Kimye is taking the new baby on Tour.  Well new born baby girl will be here in July.  Well, when Kanye was going to leave home for his tour Kim said oh hellz no you won't go.  Unless Kim K.  and yo' baby going.  So now they will be rolling.

The tour bus will be sounded proof.  The hotels they will be stopping at will have cribs and be sound proof for baby.  UM.  Kim K. now wait a min.  Girl you that concern that you had to go on tour.  You better let that man make his money.  How he gonna work with the baby and you all up and through? 

But, on the other hand I'm glad boo.  Because, oh yes I would've been going as well cause' I don't play that .  You gon' change some these diapers and you gonna do some 2 am feedings too.  Gotcha.

You there will be a nanny on deck stop playing.

Well, weigh in.  What you think?  Should Kim K. stay home?  Or should she go?

Much Love Darlings!!!


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