#Married2Med REVIEW Ep.7

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Diamonds and Gents catch these teas honnee.  So these here Doctor wives know how to squeeze the lemon until its dried up honnee.

So Mariah and Toya still at it.  Now, some how Toya don't realize she throw the glass and Mariah had to handle her business.  Kari know that Mariah didn't have a glass in her hand.   Maybe she should bill Toya for the broken glass. 

But, any who, so Dr. Jackie tries to bring the ladies 2gether only to find out.  A rubber ducky and some lemon won't help these ladies.  Now, now Mariah I understand she talked about your child but, honnee forgive.  Because, you will have to see this woman all the time.  No Ms. Toya from this day forward is not be trusted or should even be in your inner circle anymore. 

Toya you don't want none of Quad so Catch Fire boo.  She classy with her shade.  TRUST!  So the ladies start to go at it.  Dr. Jackie was not for it.  She let it be known I will not make a mockery of women.  Walked away from the drama.  Dr. Simone you a round the way chick with a degree.  Why you acting like you are so appalled by Mariah and Toya fight.  Just Saying.

This episode honnee.  All I have to say is Toya stop coming for Quad.  Kari get over it stuff happens.  Mariah apologize to Kari for messing her house up.  Dr. Jackie baby them sistah's ain't ready.  Dr. Simone stop that lyin' you ain't appalled boo.  All in all ladies get over the fight move on.  Toya stop bringing your man in chick stuff.  PERIOD!  Kari you too Dr. Duncan is to pity to be a man get him
out that chick stuff.

Check your local Bravo listings for the next Married to Medicine Episode so far this show is a keeper.

Much Love Darlings!!!

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