Rapper Chief Keef ARRESTED in ATL

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Diamonds and Gents didn't Chief Keef just get out of jail in March.  Now, 17 years old you've gotten a big break and you appreciate it by smoke weed out in public.  So they hauled that tail right on to jail.   The A Don't play.  Atlanta po' po' don't play boo.  He had a nerve to post the above pic to his Instagram of his mug shot honnee. 

Then tweeted this after his release:

Jus GOT Of DeKalb County Jail In Atlanta Mad AS F**k....

See I can't with this one.  It's time for him to get his act together.  You a lil dude from the Chi with an opportunity most sold CD's out there trunk and battle for years to get.  Get it together!

What do you think comment down below?

Much Love Darlings!!!



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