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Hey Ms. Tra,

Girl I am going through over here.  Well, I met what I thought would be the love of my life in the fall of 2010.  It seem like a love story made from God.  We met at a bowling alley.  He saw me from across the room and our eyes deadlocked on one another.  Mr. Man approach me and just wanted to invite me to church.  He said a woman that don't pray he doesn't want any part of anyway.  I excepted.  It was so great to see a grown man that didn't mind weeping before the Lord.

Anyway, fast forward to 2012 June to be exact he finally proposed to me.  After 2years he proposed.  I immediately said yes with no hesitation.  But the very next month his house burns down and he was left with no where to stay so naturally I let him move in.

Lord have mercy why did I do that.  I will tell you in the 2 years we dated whether you believe it or not we did not have a sexual relations.  Well that changed has soon as he moved in.  He got out the shower and Tra I jumped his bones.  All I have to say is he must've wanted it as bad as I did.  It was a night filled with passion.  A few months had past and someone steals his car.  We went from planning a wedding to trying to get all his stuff back.

His job cut his hours it was a mess.  But, yet he was still always saying he was at work.  I begin to get a little suspicious in about December so I drove to his what I thought was a burned down house to find a Auction sign and SOLD.  I took a picture of his house and drove to his damn job. Girl I was ferocious. Only to find he hasn't worked there since 2011.  Girl I felt like I was in the twilight zone.

So he went from being the love of my life to a complete and total stranger.  I met what he said was his brother a year before.  So I remembered where his brother stayed so I went over there.  Girl a woman comes to the door.  Asking me who was I looking for.  I told her Mike.  She said Mike doesn't live here Mike was her plumber. Now, Tra I would be lying if I tell you I didn't get nervous.  I get to my house and start searching through what clothes he had left.  I didn't find nothing.

So I waited for my man to come home to get to the bottom of this.  I get call guess what it was him I begin to ask baby where you at he said he had to be away for few days on business I said ok.  Now, I know you looking at this like you said OK.  I LEARNED WHEN YOU HAVE A FISH TO FRY You don't want it to come out the bag to soon.  It might stank up the place.

So I'm on my way to work and I'm being trailed.  It's by a woman.  So I lead the heifer to the DMV.  She park I get out and she get out I walk up to her and she ask me who I was? I said good question who are you she said she is the wife of my man.  I said wait huh?  We have child together.  Girl I fainted.  I told her everything.  She begin to cry.  I'm crying with her. 

She said he was a real estate broker. Mike was a brother yeah Kappa brother.  Lord lie after lie. Our wedding money went to that house that was his listing the one he said burned down. Tra she said  he was doing well they had separate for a while in 2011.  But, she was pregnant and well, easy to say we set his tail up.  We went waiting to exhale on his ass.  And now, he want the ring back and threatening to sue me for it.  What do I do give him the ring or take it to court?

By side he owe me a few thousand from the money we saved.

I'm lost HELP!

Dear I'm Lost HELP,

Hey my Diamond sistah 1st I'm sorry it took so long for me to respond.  But, I gotcha boo!  Girl this was a book.  I hope you write it in all seriousness.  Because, I'm sure it's more to the story and it seems it's not over.

But, honnee what are you afraid of go to court.  Mr. Man as you call him did steal from you and he con you honnee.  Now, when it come to the ring by law it belongs to him.  But, once the judge hear this story baby. 

He want it make him go to court for it.

Or if you ready to heal give him the ring and be done.  But, let me help you with something so this won't ever happen again.  You have to look for the signs.  There are tell all signs.  Now, I know you said for 2 years you were with this man and there was no sexual relationship.  Now yes not saying it can't be done.  But, something happening that's keeping him.  Trust!  Next in the 2 years you only met a brother. RED FLAG!  If man can't introduce you to his mama baby it ain't real.  Or brother man hiding something.

I hope you realize wifey didn't tell you that they broke up.  That's why he was able to move in and something must've made her suspicious.  That last call was I know she on to me let me get a few days to beg for my wife back because I can't go back to I'm Lost Help.  You feel me.  I hope this was a lesson learned.  Sometimes as woman we get so lonely and wrapped up in our insecurities we don't listen to out inner man. 

He showed you a form of Godliness and you took that as Gold.  So you thought you had what was the love of your life. And sis I do recognize your pain.  To have something like this pulled from you is mighty blow.  But, you can come back from this.

If you want your money fight in court.  But, you want to be free for real.  Give him that ring back!  Sometimes, a few thousand is the price we pay to be free.  I'm not going to make that big girl decision for you.  You are.

Be Blessed My Diamond sistah.  Keep me posted.

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Much Love Darlings!!!


  1. Wow this is deep. Love have to stop making a fool of women. Man I say keep the ring damn dude. He made that bed now his over grown ass need to lie in it. For real though baby girl sue dude and get your money. But, this is a book. Ms. Tra I really love you. You tell the truth as always.

  2. I would give it back. You don't need the headache. Seriously.

  3. I'm with Tre you should make this a book. It seems surreal does this still happen to people. With all this social media and other things out here. But, fight for your damn money back tell him you will be countersuing that rat.


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