Wade Robson Suing Michael Jackson Estate

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Diamonds and Gents Wade Robson has lost his mind or what?  Honnee no you didn't try to get some of Mike Jr. and Blanket coin.  Honnee I can't with you.  MJ Molested you REALLY????

So Wade the choreographer has really lost his mind with his self.  Honnee bunty didn't you testify that MJ didn't do nothing to the boys that came to his house.  Now, yo' broke butt want coin.  Well, Michael Jackson estate is saying this claim is pathetic. 

So Mr. Wade ya ashtray ain't getting a got dang on thing.  YOU REALLY TRIED IT!  Now, why you wait to he died, because when he died your tail was good and grown dummy.  You could've did that or made your claim long time age honnee.

What y'all think?  Is this just a warp attempt for this fool to get coin? Or did it really happen?

Much Love Darlings!!!

Source: MTV, TMZ


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