Who Protects Our Children on Social Media?

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Diamonds and Gents I can't sleep and I am well disturbed.  So I get a kind of admirer so I thought.  Tweet my pic on his profile saying I shine bright like a Diamond.  All I have to say is I begin to look at his profile or she.  Because, when it comes to trolls you don't know.

Any who, I seen a pic of a grown A man.  With this little baby girl sticking his penis or attempting in the infant vay-j j.  I can't sleep it made me cry.  That the person who took the pick for the sicko exist.  But, the person retweeting it exist.  Now, I sent it and reported it.  But, I'm in tears because, who police these social media sites.  I am angry that even though I blocked him and delete my personal pic.  It is still on there sick page.  Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram.  All these social media sites.  Please hire a personal team that will attempt to monitor your sites  In hopes to protect our children.

I am appalled and I need your help to flag this image.  If you will like to help me keep reporting this image please email me and I will give you the link.  So you can keep reporting.  UNTIL THEY TAKE THIS SICK MESS OFF.  I can't sleep I'm in tears Lord we need you.  Click my pic and inbox me on my FB.  I have to protect myself more now.  WOW! Help us Lord.

Much Love Darlings!!!

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