Woman catches Herpes At a Rihanna concert and is suing M.A.C. Cosmetics.....

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Diamonds and Gents people are crazy as they come.  So Starkeema Greenidge alleges she was told to try on RiRi Woo at a Rihanna concert by a M.A.C. rep.  So the young lady alleges she applied the RiRi Woo to her top lip directly from the tube onto her top lip. 

She then alleges the rep told her to press her lips together.  The next day she wakes up with a sore on her lip she then goes to the doctor to find out it is Herpes.  So Ms. Greenidge is suing M.A.C. Cosmetics on grounds of there unsafe practices.  M.A.C. Normal practice is to use a disposal able applicator.

Well, if this story is true. You know dag um well that other people are at the Rihanna Concert if she let you put it on your lips or attempt, know the others did.  REALLY?

Well, she made it clear she wasn't suing Rihanna but she was suing M.A.C. Cosmetics.

What you think?

Much Love Darlings!!!



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