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Miss Representation On OWN .. Our responsiblity

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Diamonds and Gents this was really an eye opener.  Well, Miss Representation was a documentary about women and how we are depicted in the mass media.  I watched and learn that even I am guilty of buying into these very same stereotypes.

We have as the consumer have allow ourselves to be subjected to the news talk down to our mothers, daughters, politicians, pastors, nieces and even just human being that just so happen to be a woman.  It actually is sickening.  There solution was to train them young.

But, I say yes train them young but Daddy teach your daughters that they can accomplish anything and that you will be there to support what they do.  Women stop looking at the image and look at the accomplishment. Gabby Douglas was talked about more for how her hair look then what she accomplish in the Olympics.  Sarah Palin was talked about and called a B on national TV and mass media outlets and yet she was Governor of Alaska.  Shouldn't be tolerated especially on A mass news chain.  But, it was.  Hilary Clinton being degraded because she was a woman running for office.  Michelle Obama looked at as the angry black women because she stood up for herself.

Where has the good programming gone?  Father and Mother in the household have not been depicted since House of Payne and The Soul Man.  We have to fight.  More of us have to understand we as women control 85% of the consumer dollars.  So why buy something that shows women as objects.  This male chauvinistic ideal as been brought forth through media.  We as the consumer buy into it.  But, what I am glad about is there are men who are standing against this as well.  We have to stand together and say I want quality whether I'm male or female. 

I'm tired of seeing the damsel in distress or the overly sexy woman.  Or the women that look like the big butt, big boob to be beautiful.  We have to begin to paint the image we want to see.  That is to stop buying into it.  Stop watching these unprofessional news broadcasts.  If they talk Paris Hilton or Beyoncé lip synch on national news turn the channel take there ratings away.  Everyone on TV being super young is unrealistic.  When you walk down the street and see beautiful 40, 50, 60 and even 70 year old women. 

My EYES HAVE BEEN OPEN AND I didn't like the roll I played in this. 

What you think? Comment down below and please share this. Thx!

Much Love Darlings!!!

Pictures First Lady Michelle Obama, Mae C. Jemison, Condalisa Rice, Pastor Serita Jakes, Maya Angelou and Oprah Winfrey strong beautiful for what they do and still women who make there contribution


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