Jay-Z let 12 Year old Rock Out The Stage

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Diamonds and Gents Jay-Z is on tour and he is all ready winning. He made the dreams of a young man name Justin come true.  Well, him and his mom went to his concert in Charlotte and little boy was in the 8th row and was hoping to get the attention of the rapper.  But, he didn't so his mom decided to buy tickets again to his show in another city close by.   Needless to say she scored 1st row seats and the little man got a chance to rap on the stage.

Jay-Z even offered to take the family back stage.  The mom said they talked for 5 mins.  about personal things.  They didn't exchange numbers or the conversation of signing little man never came up check it out.

 What you think?  Comment down below.

Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Source: TMZ


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