Stalker Alert: Marvin Sapp was being stalked and Now is under Federal Investigation

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Diamonds and Gents Pastor Marvin Sapp, 46 of Grand Rapid, MI was being stalked for a year by a Dr. Teleka Patrick, 30  allegedly.  Pastor Sapp filed an restraining order against Dr. Patrick because, she moved from California to Michigan in hopes of what everyone is saying to have a relationship with him.

The relationship only in her head had gotten so far she was singing to Pastor Sapp on Youtube videos and wishing you were here breakfast with two plate settings and everything.  Authorities stated Dr. Patrick was reported missing in Dec. 5th.  Her car was found in Portage, IN.  Abandoned.   The parents of the Doctor stated there daughter didn't have any mental issues and the reason she moved to Michigan because they had the best psychiatric practice.

But, Ex- hubby of Dr. Patrick stated that there relationship came estranged because, she start hearing voices and he believed she did have some mental issues.

Well, I hope they don't found her feet up in a river somewhere.  They really find her unharmed so if something is wrong she can get some help.  I am truly praying for this family.

Check out audio report:
Do you believe she was stalking? Comment down below.

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  1. Not necessarily. I believe there is a possibility that there is more to the Dr. Sapp angle of this story.


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