That Gem's Corner (Women/Men can our standards be unrealistic?)

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Diamonds and Gents I hope you are feeling great on the 3rd day of 2014.  So I came out my cubbie hole to check out FB.  I ran across a status from a friend a of mine that was talking about women with unrealistic standards that are unmarried or married.  Well, she use the phrase "lowering your standards"  which from reading her comments she meant unrealistic standards.  So many unmarried and married women jumped on it.  Like why are you telling women to "lower there standards".

So, I wanted to talk about it because, I'm always talking to women that are unmarried and men as well.  When, they start reading off there list for there ideal mates I'm always blown away how much they are super off and why at 40 they never have been married.  Now this is coming from a woman that had some unrealistic standard and almost didn't marry my husband, because of it.  Now, I'm say this God checked me about it.  This coming from a woman that went through some changes in her marriage my Diamonds and Gents know about it I've talked about numerous of times.  But, I am going to say it actually made us stronger.

But, when you are a heavy set man or women and you want a man or women shaped like a number 9 you have to at least be shaped like a 8 for them to check for you.  Why?  Reality is a man is visual even the saved ones.  They will tell you in a minute how beautiful there wives are.  The reality is if he is slim or in shape he is looking for a woman that is in shape.  So I've found myself having to tell women and men you want that you have to bring that to the table.  Or I remember talking to this one girl she dress very old she was 27 she look like she was in her 40's I couldn't believe she was younger then me.  But, she always wanted to marry a football player.  I had to tell her baby all you do is go to work, home and church now where you think you going to meet this football player.  Baby, get out them old maid clothes and flats.  He really won't even think you young.  I'm saying all this to say what are your standards.

Or do you want a man that has been save longer then you.  But, most churches are filled with women.  Will it be OK to meet a man that only has been save 3 years and is hungry for God or will you throw him away.  Just asking is what you want measuring to what you bring to the table?  Or are you finding that your standards are unrealistic?  "Michael Baisden says save women want a man to fly, be like Jesus, be a millionaire and be in shape to be with her.(paraphrased)"  Do you agree?

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