2014 BET Honors ReCap

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Diamonds and Gents 2014 BET Honors with Wayne Brady I can't wait to honor you.  He did a wonderful job hosting.  He was super hilarious and I love Anthony Anderson he tried to high jack the show.  But, Wayne Brady wasn't having any of that foolishness.  Love it!!  He did a free style rap.  Letting them know oh yeah I can do that " No Problem"!

But, anyway the honorees were Ice Cube yay, yay, Carrie Mae Weems, Aretha Franklin, Berry Gordy and Kenneth Chenault (CEO of AMEX).  Performances by Smokey Robinson, Tamar Braxton, Janelle Monae, Jennifer Hudson, Mariah Carey, Karen Clark Sheard and Aretha Franklin and family.

Now, Let's dive into these performances.  Tamar Braxton was wearing the monkey uncle out that dress you better work Mrs. Braxton-Herbert.  She couldn't move much but she still rocked it and she did awesome performance.  Janelle M. she really channeled her some MJ that night.  Baby girl had that high pitch ol' MJ do; down honnee.  Smokey Robinson had me over here grooving baby.  He had me taking a good look at my face.  Ol' the track of my tears.  Then the song he sang to his bro.  (Berry Gordy) Awesome!

I missed Mariah Carey performance had to take a rest room break sorry.  But, I did catch the tribute to Aretha Franklin I was confused honnee.  Ok Karen Clark-Sheard made a 2min song into a 10 minute song.  I was so mad and frustrated with all the voice aerobics she was doing the echo whatever that was.  Her son and grand daughter rapped and did Tamela Mann song not hers again confused.

But, oh JHud.  Count on the S on her chest to save the day baby.  She did a musical tribute to Aretha priceless.  Then Aretha did the tribute to Mr. Nelson Mandela all I have to say is awesome.  The woman will sing forever.  Baby dropped that fur on that floor like get out my way.  Let me do my thang.  With an orchestra behind her you better get that Ms. Aretha Franklin.

All and all I give BET Honors  4 1/2 out of 5 gems.  It was done great!

Check out some of the fashion:
Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!


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