Is Diddy Engaged to Cassie? Um.....

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Diamonds and Gents I was reading Centric blog the other day and it was reported that Diddy and Cassie got engaged.  Now, we have found out that Cassie put a post on Twitter saying she is not engaged.  She reports that she needs more out of her relationship. 

Cassie puts this post up(got from and then later deletes it:
Cassie shuts down engagement rumors

Well, all I have to say is honnee whatever you need I hope you get.  Don't let Diddy go now. All I'm say is when the brother love he love hard.  Ask JLo.

What you think should Diddy wait until she is ready or should he move on? Comment down below.

Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Source: Centric/NecoleB*tc*ie


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