Nicki Minaj being Sued for Hair

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Diamonds and Gents Nicki Minaj is getting sued for her hair.  Now last year she had to Donald Trump my dude because they had some creative differences.  Well, needless to say he is suing her for $30 mil.  That's right $30 mill.  He claims he is responsible for her success.  Her brand was build on her hair and she even market his hair.

He suing for 4 of her wigs to be exact.  He said  Nicki Minaj talked him out of plenty of money in the past.  Said it wouldn't be good for there work relationship.  That came from him being offered an reality show. 

Needless to say $30 million dollars is lot of money for a wig Mr. Dude.  Just Saying.

What you think do she owe her success to him? Was it the talent or the hair? You be the judge.  Comment down below.

Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!


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