Chile Waka Flocka Got Arrested Over the Weekend

"Listen this Saturday I will have "Fancy Girl" Author Evelyn Walker live at 1p central time. "

Diamonds and Gents Waka Flocka was caught in the Airport with a gun. Now, sources say it wasn't his gun it is his now wife Tammy gun.  Apparently, they both have the same MCM bookbag. He was leaving and grab hers by mistake. Well, the police wasn't trying to hear that.

F.y.I. your boy is on probation.  So needless to say he can't afford to be caught with a gun.  Y'all know Deb cleared the whole mess up. Let the press know the gun is legal and registered to Tammy. It was told she keeps it, because Waka is always on the road.

Well, Diamonds and Gents what you think? Is this the case of mistaken backpack or nah? Comment down below.

Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!


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