Power of Words hosted by: Young Leaders Alliance East Chapter

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Diamonds and Gents you know your girl is all about the positivity! I'm always looking for that life. So, needless to say I enjoyed this creative event.  The event took place on last Saturday and it was AWESOME!  "The Power of Words" man I'm telling you awesome! The object of the event was to encourage us to not put ourselves down with words.  But, to uplift ourselves and others with words of affirmation.

Now, I know some may not really need this type of event.  But, this event was very much so needed.   Especially with me trying to live this EMPOWERED life!  Well, there were some great exercises that were giving.  But the closing one touch me the most.  It touch me because we had to throw away the negative.  Then in turn release the positive.  It started with Chasity Brownlee giving her testimony.  It
was so awesome, she really gave us her journey to self.  Her transparency made easy for those in the room to share.

Baby, the poets as well were amazing.  All and all this is an event that every city needs.  For more info. on there next event or just to get connected go to they're FB page http://www.facebook.com/YoungLeadersAlliance .  Don't forget to tell them I sent ya!

What word do you need to trash about you? Then, what word would you like to live by? Comment down below!

Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!


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    1. I am in tears thank you for allowing me to share myself.. THE POWER OF WORDS is a MOVEMENT that needs to be shared and thank you for sharing it with your GEMS AND GENTS...

    2. No problem thank you so much for having me. It was a joy. That made me self reflect I needed that! Many blessings to you my DIamond sistah!


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