VH1s Sorority Sisters Fate to Be Determine

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Diamonds and Gents this Sorority Sister show on VH1 has been through the ringer.  Apparently, as of December 26, 2014 AKA (Alpha kappa Alpha) suspended two of it's members.  These two members appeared on the Vh1 Reality Series, Ms. April McRae and Ms. Rwanda Hammond.  They were suspended due to they're behavior on the reality series.  They're suspension is until July 2016.

Next, VH1 due to boycott's and sponsors pulling out.  The Network is deciding to air the last 3 episodes this Friday January 16, 2015. The shows will air back to back.  In the height of all the controversy that is surrounding this show.  Although their have been a lot of rumors and speculation.  VH1 has not decide if they are going to cancel the Reality Show.  According to ABC News outlet they have not decided whether to bring the ladies back on for new season or not.  But, they do want the ladies to finish out there story.  Due to the overwhelming response of the fans wanting to see it.

Now, this was due to the sit down that took place on last week.  Some of the ladies were saying they were getting death threats and all kinds of foolishness.  But, however the cookie may crumble.  Listen up all educated African American people.  Put, your power to use in other areas as well.  Like getting some much need programs for Chicago, Detroit and other cities public schools.  Help cancel some of this other foolishness on television showing out children that it's OK to look and be  inappropriate.

I'm saying influence is nothing if it's not put to better use.  Then boycotting a show!  That I guess shows your organization, (Which I don't believe this is?) true colors of the organization.  But, I guess you did.  Just saying!

What you think? Should VH1 keep the show or nah? Comment down below.

Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!


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