NEW PRODUCT ALERT! "Flaunjor Skincare"

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By: Nakiya "K Gold." Walters

Brand name: Flaunjor Skincare

Product: Creamy Milk Body Lotion, "Pearish"

Hey Diamonds and Gents! I got a product to review by Ms. Tra` "That Gem" when she was gifted a sample body lotion from "Flaunjor Skincare" over the weekend.

I looked up and saw the ash around my knuckles and then BOOM- I remembered I had it in my purse.

First of all, let me say that packaging is everything, and Flaunjor hit the nail right on the head. The bottle was sleek and simple, and the dispenser was clean and easy to use. The product itself - "Pearish", they describe as a creamy milk body lotion; but it actually feels more lightweight like a whipped butter. I used a small amount but it went a long way, and hold up- did I mention how good it smells! Like melons, or a fruit medley.

After 30 minutes, my hands were still soft and the smell faintly remained. Overall, here's how Flaunjor held up ( 1 to 5 Gems) 5 being the best Rating:
Design: 3 1/2 Gems
Ease of Use: 4 Gems
Smell: 5 Gems
Consistency: 5 Gems
Moisturization: 5 Gems

So in conclusion, I would absolutely recommend this product. If you'd like to try this lotion or any other Flaunjor Skincare products out, check them out at T.B.A. or on
IG: Flaunjor

Have Joy, Love and Be Empowered!


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