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By: Ms. Tra` "That Gem"

What's happening Diamonds and my Diamond Status Gents!?!  Well, I'm sure all down your social media timeline you have seen so many judgments of this woman.  For her transparency and vulnerability in the public eye.  She has been accused of being a slut.  She has been accused of not letting her inner h*e out.  If she was a man she would be a dog.  All kinds of stuff.

Let's be clear, she is woman that is married yes.  A mother, and wife to a very famous man with groupies all in his face on a regular.  She stated a truth.  That your tail can't understand.  Come on now stop playing!  You never wondered if you still had it in a weak moment.  It's not that you are seeking after unwanted attention.  It's just that you just want to know if you still have it.

It doesn't have to be a full on flirt.  But, to hear a compliment or two never hurt anyone.  And let's be honest most women that are married get unwanted attention.  Of course you serve it curb side.  But, your husband is not in the public eye.  So of course, guys are still saying you look nice and smell good.

I just think that people need to stop telling people not to live their truth, or say how they feel.  Especially because it makes you feel uncomfortable.  Or people saying somethings are better left unsaid.  OK! Maybe for you!  But, as for Mrs. Curry she let y'all know.  It's not wanted or welcome.  I'm just saying do I still got it?  That's all leave that woman alone.  You can leave a comment.  Trust I got time today boo!

Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!


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