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By: Ms. Tra` "That Gem"

What's going on Diamonds and my Diamond Status Gents!?!  Well, I have noticed that their has been a trend of people not really knowing what they want to do.  Especially where they gage themselves to be in the next 5 years.  I am a stickler for if you write it down and make the vision plain.  He who reads run with it!

So start today, a lot of times what you can't see today.  Is because, you don't have the vision.  You have the vision now make the vision (Envision IT!).  Then, write it out and make it plain.  It should have everything you saw. 

  • 2019- Beginning steps: what it would take to get into your 2020.
  • 2020- Evaluating season and stepping out on it.
  • 2021- Seeing some of what you wanted happening.  Feeling like you are super close.
  • 2022- Arriving and evolving it to become bigger then just you.
  • 2023- Leveling up and needing more.
Some of us don't write out our goals or even envision them.  Because, we feel we need to arrive or already be there.  But, patience is virtue, you will get there.  Set the goals!  Then begin to put the work in you will arrive sis or bro.  Level UP!!!!  Don't be scared! Like mom use to say God rest her soul.  They don't bury the scared they bury the dead.  Live your best life and if you get scared.  No worries it won't kill you.  Keep pushing!


Comment down below.  Let us know if you wrote out that vision.

Have Joy, Love be Empowered!


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