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By: Ms. Trā "That Gem" & Nakiya "KGOLD" Walters

What's going on Diamonds and my Diamond Status Gents!?!  This here food is not only good for your body but, it's good for your soul.  Now me and KGOLD checked this restaurant out let me just say two times.  We went on a Saturday got tacos and pasta build your own bowls.  YESSSSS!  Tell them what you felt KGOLD.


Okay y'all when we start talking about OSV, we are talking GOOD food. Not just good to you, but good for you, too! Let's start with the first meal I had which was a vegan taco, cucumber salad, kale salad, and zucchini pasta salad. That could be a weird combination but don't judge- as a newbie to  vegan food I can eat whatever I want LOL.

Anyway the food was BOMB. The taco was well seasoned, and it had vegan taco meat, soy cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, hot peppers, and a red chili sauce. 4 words. Slap ya mama good!

As for the salads, that was a different story. Two of the three salads were bomb! The cucumber salad had plenty of fresh veggies and a nice, light vinaigrette. It had a kick to it too y'all! Then there's the zucchini pasta salad, which was served cold with mushrooms. I'm not gonna lie, that threw me all the way off. BUT, I'm so glad I tried it because it was awesome. Now the kale salad, on the other hand, was hit-or-miss. Some bites tasted great, others were bitter and nasty. I tossed that one and enjoyed the rest of my meal without a snag.

And my honorable mention HAS to be the sweet potato pie. Y'ALL. It was so good I forgot it was vegan! It didn't lack anything in the visual, flavor, or consistency departments. Even the crust was good. My weakness is sweets, so the fact that they made a healthy, plant based dessert is incredible to me. To be honest, that was the thing that made me come back. I think it's safe to say that they have a new regular.

Now Ms. Tra That Gem, why don't you tell us how that second trip to the OSV went!

OK LET'S BE CLEAR I DANCE LIKE DAVID DANCE, DANCE! I loved the food!  So I got kale greens, wanted Mac and cheese but they were out.  So I made my own situation.  They had rotini pasta and some soy cheese.  You guessed it instant Mac and cheese boo!  And it was good!  Now this here spinach quiche baby, baby I had to sell some before I LEFT!  Let me just go head and say um, um goodddd!  The corn bread was good wasn't to sweet it was just niceeeee!  That apple pie was awesomeeeeeeee!

Now, y'all know I love good customer service.  So let's talk about Saturday, it wasn't as friendly.  We can use some work in that area.  But, it wasn't rude.  Monday it was better, but, not too friendly.  So they have a way they operate on Saturday, that's different then today.  I feel instead of being snappy about it.  I think he could've just explained, aw no that's only on weekends.  But, it didn't deter me at all!  I wanted that food in my lifeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

So when we rate things we use gems 1 to 5!  1 being terrible to 5 being fantastic.

Food: 4 Gems (Everything was wonderful but that kale salad was a miss).
Quality: 4 Gems (Again that Kale salad)
Customer Service: 3 1/2 Gems(Not to friendly, but not rude).
Portion Size: 5 Gems (You are going to get your money worth).

Listen, even if your not vegan or vegetarian you will love this food.  They've been taking over Soul food since 1982.  Get it in your life!

The Original Soul Vegetarian located 203 E 75TH ST in Chicago,IL.  Check out their menu and website  .

If you go in tell them TEAM THAT GEM SENT YA!

Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!



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