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By: Ms. Tra` "That Gem"

What's going on Diamonds and my Diamond Status gents!?! These folks have lost their minds.  Now I know a true Diamond King Or Queen is not out here in these streets, sucking cucumbers, or licking ice cream tops and putting them back.  So for sure this message is not for you.  But for you over grown folks out here acting like you have no sense, S-T-O-P I-T! Clout chasing is at all time high.  For a like, you would lose your self respect and dignity. 

Now, what happened to class being what we strive for?  Or carrying ourselves like ladies and gentlemen?  Where do we think this world is going if grown a*s men and women are acting like they lost they minds out here in these streets.

Also, to you nasty mofo's who's licking ice cream tops and putting the ice cream back.  There is a place I want to send your disgusting tail.  The problem is y'all butts don't have an older generation that is imparting onto you a standard! Trust me this is very important.

So for the ones who feel they need more likes, let me help you get recognized the right way.

Step 1: Don't be a big dummy! Do something meaningful. Instead of filming yourself sucking a cucumber, film making a health conscious recipe. Show us how a cucumber can help our health.   Before licking the top, just buy the ice cream. First of all that's a felony and you could end up in jail.  IN OTHER WORDS DON'T BE A BIG DUMMY!

Step 2: If you go to the grocery store.  Instead of looking to be mischievous, film buying groceries.  How to videos are amazing!!! Some people don't know how to shop properly.

Step 3: Each one, reach one, teach one.  Don't let this foolishness happening on your watch, Diamond.  Regulate!  Take your camera out and have someone film you taking your da*n belt off and beating you a*s or two.  If they daddy and mama didn't do it.  It's up to you! Beat they no home training childish behind be TIMES! And that's Bible!

Just keep in mind at the end of the day: Those who watch this stuff give them more clout.  I thank God I haven't ran across a video yet.  But, STOP posting them.  Stop spreading the word of foolishness.  Bruh we have no time for the d*mn games.

We got checks to cash, businesses to start, and communities that need reformation.  Let's get it!

"Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!"


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