So You Selling a Bonnet for $100.00? #SarahMarantz #Bonnetchronicles #Inventions #Business

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By: Nakiya "K Gold." Walters

What's up to my Diamonds and Diamond Status Gents!  In this week's news it's kinda been blowing up that Sarah Marantz is claiming that she created an awesome product to protect your hair and skin. She calls it the Nite Cap.

Well, after a few clicks and searches, we realized that the Nite Cap is actually a silk bonnet in disguise, and she's selling it for 100 bucks!

According to her, the inspiration came after she started breaking out on her face an neck. Her doctors and dermatologists told her to start tying her hair back with a silk scarf. When that sucker didn't stay on (because let's be real, that thang is gone slip and slide all night), she decided to "create and design" a silk nite cap that was more appealing than anything that was already out.

But as WE know, this has been around for centuries. Literally dating back to the middle ages, often for religious purposes of as protection from the sun. But eventually the designs and uses changed and evolved, and we now know the bonnet as a way to protect our hair as we sleep. Today, you can find a silk or satin bonnet in just about every Black beauty supply store for wayyyyy less. So you just gonna steal a $5 product and sell it for $100!? Oh you PETTY petty huh!?!

When Black women heard about Miss Sarah, they gave her the read of her life! She received so much backlash over it that she eventually fessed up, updated her website and  acknowledged the long history and presence of bonnets.  She thought her product was new and innovative (or did ya boo), perhaps because she added a bow LMAO. Perhaps because she named the Black bonnet "Cleopatra", she thought she could be excused.  But at the end of the day despite being called out, her product will probably do well and get her some coin. Plenty OF COINAGE! Dang I should've thought of it first- LOL naw I wouldn't do y'all like that.  ;) !

This is the way life goes. But this should be a huge lesson to us as Black creatives and entrepreneurs. We have to take more pride in what we can do and produce. Copyright your creations!  Patent and even trademark, get those papers in order boo! If the market doesn't exist yet, then create it yourself because you believe in it and you KNOW what it can do for people.

Even if you're not ready right now, protect your ideas. If you don't, one day you will look up and another Sarah will have a vision just like yours and beat you to the punch. She will have the legacy that could have been yours! If you ask me, we're too great to go down like that. So research in starting a business is key.  Research, Research and more Research! Don't wait for someone to tell you what to do.  Just Do It like Nike boo!  Protect your business and legacy!

"Have Love, Joy, and Be Empowered!"


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