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By: Ms. Tra` "That Gem"

What's going on Diamonds and my Diamond Status Gents!?! I am so excited about my future and yours as well!  You hear me talking now.  Listen, I have been more then ready to write this blog.  Everyone is really pursuing their future and it is awesome!  I want to speak on forward movement.  Leveling Up if you will.

Well, as of April of this year it's official I have made That Gem Enterprises a official LLC.  I have an awesome team!  Matter fact get to know the partners!/2019/06/someone-or-something-that-inspires.html .  You will get a chance to see something or someone that inspires each team member. 

Well, we have some exciting things brewing and coming your way.  Awesome ways to give back as well as provide jobs and better of jobs.  Give us a minute and watch us work.

But, I just wanted to speak on some concerns I see a lot of people have.  And that is mentorship in business.  Also, how to go about it and things of that nature.  Well, I worked with a Ms. G.G. (Real name is in book) for years.  I watched how she moved in business.  I know I picked up on a lot of things I realize worked and I saw things that didn't.  She was and is a real estate Managing Broker.  She also, taught school.  So she had a way with people.  Very charismatic, in her own way and field.  She had awesome sense of humor and it got her, the best results out of person.

Did I ever ask her for advice, no!?!  But, let me say this you work around a person long enough you learn a few things.  Let's just say I learned a few things. You have to learn how to watch. She was the one who gave me my favorite quote.  "You buy more with your credit then you can with your money!"  To this day I live by that.  But, different stages in your levels it will be those you will have to pay to be in their presence.  Meaning going to there master classes and seminars.  Buy there books read them.  But, never get stuck thinking one mentor will be everything you need.  Because, as you level up, you will stand in need of much more, then what the first provided.

Some of you may ask these questions:
  • Q. How can you get a hold to the right ones?
  • A. Work for them intern for them.  Do what it takes to get the nuggets you need. 
  • Q. What books should I read?
  • A. First mine! :) Next any book that will help you in the industry you choose.  If you want to know more about being 10X greater read the man who has started a 10X greater movement. Grant Cordone!  You want to give relationship advice read Steve Harvey's book.  You want to be better with social media marketing read When the Miracle Drop by Jessca Dupart BKA Darealbbjudy.  Either way reading can get you there as well.
  • Q. How can I get people to support me?
  • A. First you reap what you sow.  If you not supporting small businesses what ARE you waiting on!?!  Get to it!
All I'm saying is time out for waiting on your ship to come.  It's time to built that sucker! Noah knew the rain was coming because of Yah.  Your abundance is coming ma'am or sir!  You hear me.  It's time for you to build the boat boo.  Don't get flooded out by all the others who decide to build there ship.  Get caught out here in these streets swimming to random boats.  It's time to LEVEL UP!

Upcoming Event:
Saturday, August 31st 2019 at 3-7pm Eighty Four Fifty Eight 8458 S. Green St.

"Have Joy, Love and be Empowered!"


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