NO MORE ASHY CURLS! 5 Tips for Color-Treated Hair

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By: Nakiya "K Gold." Walters

What's up to my Diamonds and Diamond Status Gents! Our barely there summer has brought about so many changes as we head towards autumn. Everywhere you look you'll see new attitudes, new outfits- and you guessed it- new hair do's. Today let's get into COLOR! And most importantly- how we can avoid premature color fading.

Dying, rinsing, or otherwise coloring your hair can be a great beautification process for anyone. However we can't forget that it's not just a physical change- it's a chemical one too. With that being said here are Tips 1-6 on how to care for your colored hair:

#1 Moisturizeeeeeee. Cause we don't want ashy skin or hair, okay! Leave-in conditioners, and rubbing a dab of argon or jojoba oil on your hair every day will give you luster and shine. Depending on your hair needs, you should be deep conditioning (covered, with or without heat) on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. And don't forget to make sure that any products you use don't have a strong color that can alter your own. You ever tried to use Blue Magic on top of blonde hair? Let's just say I was feeling like new money that day LOL

#2 Watch the shampoo! After you color your hair, the process leaves your cuticles open and more vulnerable for days to weeks after the job is done. During this time, when you wash your hair you can expect to see streaks of color bleeding down your sink or shower. Not a pretty sight y'all. So for that reason you have to do what you can to preserve the color. That means not washing for at least the first few days to a week after dying your hair, and washing less often. Give it time to set so that your color can remain vibrant!

#3 Avoid other chemicals! If you're thinking of perming or relaxing your hair after your dye it- just DONT! The chemicals in those products strip your hair and are likely to alter your color, too! Instead, color your hair after those treatments! Focus on moisturizing your hair during the first week or two before you do anything drastic. Allow that time so that the balance to your cuticles can be restored. Then you can dye it, and you'll see healthy hair and color that pops! 

#4 Swim at your own cost! If you don't want to sport a swimming cap, then don't expect to get in the pool for a week or two after dying your hair. Chlorine plus sun exposure can cause bright colors to fade, and blue base colors to turn green! After your hair is healthy and the color has set, you can make swim freely! But you can still create a barrier between your hair and the chlorine by rinsing your hair and coating it with conditioner before any contact with the water.

#5 Take it easy! Don't get me wrong, after you dye your hair you can and SHOULD experiment with how you wear your hair. However, you have to pace yourself. After dyeing your hair it will be fragile until you make it strong again. Take it easy on hairstyles that put tension on the hair and scalp. You should also avoid using too much heat on your color-treated hair, too. Excessive heat on top of a fresh color job can literally fry your hair, leaving it brittle, faded, and weak. Be sure to take care of your hair and use heat protectants!

Well folks these are my tips for maintaining a bomb color job! If you like this or have more to say, gone and Like Comment and Share this post!

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