In Gospel News: Y’all Better Leave Brother Kirk Franklin alone

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By: Ms. Trā “That Gem “

What’s going on Diamonds and my DiamondStatus Gents!?! Y’all know I have love hate relationship for Kirk Franklin. But, brother Kirk had to remind a mug he maybe conceal to carry. So he posted about whether sitting with a Muslim at the table. Then to ban him from house that’s not mine. Now this is me phrasing of course. But, Brother Kirk clap back was epic, he had to let a troll know he will get at him.

See we at time where these trolls got the game twisted. How do you think you are going to mess with Kirk and not have consequences. Y’all better know being saved won’t save you. You come for my family. And Brother Kirk feels the same way. Take a look at his post:

What y’all think did Brother Kirk Franklin handle that fool? Leave a comment down below.

“Have Joy, Love and be Empowered!”


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