Ma$e EXPOSES Diddy For Cheating Him $$$ #Grammys #Diddy #Mase

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By: Nakiya “K Gold.” Walters

What’s up my Diamonds and Diamond Status Gents! Well it looks like Diddy has been put on blast by his former artist Mase. I know y’all remember Mase’s retirement from rap. When he did return he announced sometime in 2012 that he was no longer with Bad Boy and didn’t see himself signing with any label. New details are making everything make sense y’all! Here’s the deal:

 If you caught the 62nd Annual Grammy Award Show, then you might’ve caught wind of Diddy’s speech. He was being honored with the Icon Award, and chose that moment to call out the Grammy’s for their lack of diversity and inclusion. He left the audience with some powerful truths: that hip hop hasn’t been respected by the Grammy’s, and that Black artists need to take back their power, artistry, and independence. 

Welllllll, it looks like Diddy is a big fat hypocrite according to his former protégé Ma$e! He claims that for over 20 years Diddy has starved him and countless other artists under his Bad Boy label with bad business practices. And that those practices kept him and other artists from being successful. Good ole Puff Daddy only paid him $20,000  under his contract with Bad Boy. Mase felt stiffed, but against his better judgement continued touring and performing under BB just to make money. 

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Mase claims that just 3 days before the Grammy’s he offered Diddy $2 million for his publishing rights. Diddy reponded, “If you can pay me what the European man is offering [then yes]...if not wait until you’re 50 [when your contract expires].” WOW! So now it’s no surprise that people think Diddy isn’t very genuine. How can you care about starving Black artist who don’t get their flowers, when you deny your own artist who you helped to mold and grow? Just because it’s the industry standard, doesn’t mean it’s the right the to do. 

What do y’all think Diamonds- Did Diddy have a sudden epiphany, or is he jumping on the Equality Bandwagon to gain more artists to starve out? 👀 I guess only time will tell.


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