Rihanna Is Getting Her First NAACP Award! #GoRihRih #Fenty #BlackExcellence #BlackHistoryMonth

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By: Nakiya “K Gold.” Walters

 Welcome back my Diamonds and Diamond Status Gents! I know some of us (yes myself included) have been wondering what’s taking so long for Rihanna to give us her 9th studio album. We know she’s busy with her other businesses- you know the super successful and inclusive Fenty Beauty makeup line? And don’t forget about the lingerie line, Fenty Savage X, and she even spoke on plans to release a luxury FURNITURE line! But it turns out the business isn’t the only thing that may be keeping Rihanna from the music.

Her philanthropy has clearly been calling her in another direction. And others are definitely noticing- says her WINNING the President’s Award for this years 51st NAACP Image Awards. Others to receive the award before her include Condoleezza Rice, Muhammad Ali, and Jay-Z.  So this Black History Month we must definitely celebrate Rihanna! Here are just a few of her 

She began the Clara Lionel Foundation, which was named after her grandparents. The Foundation  has the mission of creating access to quality education and healthcare in impoverished countries worldwide.

She has worked with French President Emmanuel Macron as an Ambassador for the Global Partnership for Education. Here she extends her work in worldwide access to quality education, especially for young girls.

She has worked with Prince Harry on AIDS Awareness. For AIDS Day they both were tested and shared their results to encourage others to know their status.

Harvard University honored her with the Humanitarian of the Year Award after she built an oncology and nuclear medicine center in her home town of Barbados!

And of course, we can’t forget how inclusive and empowering her Fenty Beauty makeup line is for women, especially those on the furthest ends of the color spectrum. She has changed the standard for makeup in the industry, and people love her for it.

When we’re young, we always say how we want to change the world, and how life will be different once we make it. Rihanna has shown us that she hasn’t forgotten her own promises and dreams for the world, or for the youth coming up behind her. She worked hard, perfected her craft, expanded her vision, and used her wealth and influence to make real change! That’s how you do it y’all. So thank you to RihRih for being a great example! And I’ll leave y’all with this- to achieve greatness, you must start by being great.

“Have Joy, Love, and Be Empowered!”


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