Investing That Gem Way!

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What’s happening #DiamondSquad!?!  I introduce you  to budgeting during the pandemic ways to save.  Now, that you are using 50/30/20 RULE, you should be in a financial routine that works wonders for you.  Not only that, but you should be ready to start researching for higher yield savings account.  Some financial intuitions are offering up to 4% back.  This is the time to start circulating your dollars. 

 Also, buying bonds as well as investing in stocks and treasury bills and notes. A great tip there is to talk with your bank about speaking with your financial advisor there.  They’re normally free to speak with them.  Keep in mind you don’t pay until you decide to invest.  They normally have rates that are more then what you can get on a bank level.  Also, shop around it’s ok to use some of the online banks.  They even offer way more then you can get in a bank.  Most banks savings accounts is 0.03%.  For more information on that just google high interest yield accounts.  But, for the most part this is your time to use your money wisely that you maybe able to enjoy it.  For more blogs like this email

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